Product Photography

Professional product photography can make a huge difference in your business. Having professional product photos can be the difference between making a sale, gaining a new customer, or losing customers and losing a sale to a competitor. Your site and social media visitors will always be drawn to an image before they read the text on the page, which means you need to be sure that your images look professional and matches your branding. That is where I come in! I can provide your business with photos that really does your product justice and give them the professional makeover set up they deserve. My professional photos of your products could really boost your confidence in your business, as you will be surprise how amazing your products really look when they are photographed professionally!


Weebly actually did a study and found that over 75% of respondents rated product photos as really influential when they’re deciding whether they want to buy a product online. They also found that 22% of online product returns are because an “item looks different than the photos.” Visual content is more than 40 times likely to get shared across social media than any other content. If you want your product to go viral and gain the right engagement, quality photos are key. 


For branding shoots and product photography, I tend to do a customised package as every product is different and some clients require different styling. Some styling includes a lifestyle shot, or flat-lays, while others need a clean and crisp white background to meet certain online retailers' requirements. The pricing also depends on how many products and photos of that one product the client needs. I typically charge £15 per a product which includes 3 photos of each product. My most common package is £65 and that includes 5 products and 3 photos. With more products, the less the price gets per product. If you would like more than 3 photos just let me know and we can discuss pricing for additional photos. I try to be as flexible and accommodating as I can to help small businesses out, as I am one as well and I just love supporting and working with other small businesses. With certain products that I really love, I'm also open to a collaboration. If you would like more information of what a collaboration entails, just get in touch! 


My timeframe from receiving the products is usually one week for 3 products with an additional week for an additional 3 products and so on. If you need your photos sooner, just let me know so that I can put your work as a priority. 


Editing & Style

You can rest assured that all your photos will be professionally edited and retouched. As for style, I provide flat-lays, white studio backdrops, transparent background*, models*, lifestyle* and more! I'll post some different styling examples below. 





I can either deliver your finished photos directly to your email or a private online gallery. Whichever is easiest for you! 

Do I get my items back?

Of course you will get your items back! Please include a pre-paid returns label with your items and you will get everything you've sent me back safe and sound. I typically send the items back after I deliver your photos and have your approval (just as a safety precaution) so that if for any reason you are not happy with the photos, I will still have your items to photograph again to your liking. 


What and where can I use the photos?

These are now YOUR photos and you have the rights to use them anywhere and everywhere! You can print them on whatever you like or use them on your website, third party retailers, social media, and anywhere your heart desires. I only ask and would be so grateful if you credit my work when sending it to be published or commercialised. You can tag @lamdperettiphoto when you posting it on any social media platforms. 

Please do connect with me with any questions or ideas that you envision. I want to put your mind completely at ease working with me! 

*Packages include only ONE transparent background photo. If more transparent photos are required of each product, then it is at an additional cost. 

*May include extra charge to cover modelling fee or specific prop purchased. This will not be a hidden cost and will be discussed in advance and laid out on the invoice. 

IMG_4127 White.jpg
Simple Styling
White Backdrop
Multiple items in one shot

Sean Lipscombe


Naturae Amare

Working with Lam was a delight! from the brief and a little conversation she was able to create some amazing photos for me and will surely help my business grow! Thank you Lam, look forward to working again with you soon!


Lydia Walker 


Glitz & Gifts

Lam is an incredibly talented photographer. She is very knowledgeable and worked with me to create the most beautiful images of our products. Before starting she explained in great detail the process, offered us advise and answered all my questions. We now regularly work with Lam to photograph our new products- both professional white background images for our website and lifestyle shots we can post on social media. She is very easy to work with, both reliable and trusting. I have always been extremely happy with the photos she has taken for us.


Adrianne Morrison


Bounce Into

Lam took photos of two necklaces that I curated. Lam was able to photograph the necklaces beautifully. She is very responsive and kept me up to date at each step. I will definitely be recommending Lam and I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. Thanks again for your services!