Meet Kate // Poem // Preacher Beneath the Sheets

Preacher Beneath the Sheets

where do we store our lost lovers?

practices of pulsating romance

intangible sciences encompass hearts

affections built through dance

my darling, you were always

a preacher beneath the sheets

our kisses kept ember warm

as we retrace sentimental streets

you said I’m like red wine

delicious and dry

I’d never disagree with you

because when we were together, you’d never lie

you light cigarettes with a smile

a credible Alphonse Mucha illustration

you laughed through the smokey sunset

wise words lost to liqueur intoxication

a treasure on the eye

a portrait of the past

should I worship such sorcery-

when I cannot predict the forecast?

sundown is soon to come

but your style glows radiant white

your cheeks beaming brilliance

reflecting the hectic half-moon night

you said you liked lilies

though they remind most of the dead

you referred to a bunch of odd opinions

being a hopeless drunk, i forgot most that you said

I tasted your liquorice lips

stained wilted rose-red

you asked if I’d come home with you smugly

insinuating your suggestive signals had been misread

when I returned you home

our passion waltz your bed of pillow

we knew it wasn’t to last

faces turning to stricken sorrow

my darling, you were always

a preacher beneath the sheets

but the pain is christened numb

amongst the heaviest of heartbeats

Poem by Kate

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