Meet Kiara // Bringing Awareness to Mental Health + Eating Disorders

Updated: Nov 5, 2020


Mental health issues & eating disorders

Meet Kiara. The words below is her story in regards to mental health issues & eating disorders.

Doing this shoot was terrifying

The thought of having my body on show for the world to see is a scary thing. After years of battling my mental illnesses, I finally have the confidence to wear what I want, when I want, where I want & be who I want to be.

I struggle with a lot of mental health issues, some being Depression, Anxiety, BPD & the occasional suicidal thoughts occur. However, I have so many amazing friends who love & care about me, I can’t not take them into consideration. Some friends turn into family. The people who have really helped me lately with my mental health are my skate family, LAU family & photography family

Of course I can’t forget to mention all my amazing loving friends who care for me sooooo much. I love every single one of you angels & I’m so happy to be alive to be a part of all your journeys.

Mental health is not a light subject to me, as you can tell. It changes you as a person for better or for words. Unfortunately mines a bit of both but regardless of what’s happening to me mentally, I always try & keep myself doing what I love doing, taking care of myself & trying my best, that’s all I can really do is try my best at life.

I try my best everyday to just live life freely & do what makes me happy.

I like wearing underwear as outerwear - I don’t have a partner nor do I wish to have one any time soon. I’m happy, isn’t that enough?

Kind reminder that it’s nice to be nice & it’s not hard to refrain from being horrible.

Your words could end someone’s life so be careful how you speak to people. You have 0 clues what’s really going on in their mind, at home, mentally, emotionally.... the list continues.

I hope the person reading this has a blessed day & has something to smile about today.

Stay safe angels,

Kiara Sydney