Milk Bath Series

I’m so excited about this! I’ve had SO much interest in my milk bath sessions, therefore I’m making these sessions an ongoing series, a series that highlights and bring awareness to women’s mental and physical health that tends to get ignored or minimised. Along with the beautiful photos of these amazing women I’ll be sharing will be stories that either they’ve wrote or I’ve written to share their story and helpful links to bring awareness to these issues. So watch this space because #womensupportwomen

Meet Victoria.


She is a mother of a beautiful little girl who has been recently diagnose with endometriosis, despite having it for seven in a half years. She was being dismissed at the hospital multiple times when she arrived with crippling pain. The way she was treated, or rather untreated in this case, cause her feeling alone, confused, and depressed. The doctors told her that the pain was all in her head or it is just simply irritable bowel syndrome. 

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Meet Kiara. 


The words below is her story in regards to mental health issues & eating disorders.

Doing this shoot was terrifying. The thought of having my body on show for the world to see is a scary thing. After years of battling my mental illnesses, I finally have the confidence to wear what I want, when I want, where I want & be who I want to be.
I struggle with a lot of mental health issues, some being Depression, Anxiety, BPD & the occasional suicidal thoughts occur.

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Meet Kate. 


The poem below is written by Kate.

Preacher Beneath the Sheets

where do we store our lost lovers?
practices of pulsating romance
intangible sciences encompass hearts
affections built through dance

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