Couples in Love

Capturing couples in love has to be one of my favourite sessions! Every couple is so different and unique, in the best way possible! As a hopeless romantic, it just makes my heart flutter capturing the way couples look at each other when they're in love. I absolutely love couples who warn me prior to the session that they are a bit awkward, only until the end of the session where they become absolute PROS and really have fun with the shoot as a couple. 

These sessions can be for any couples, not only engaged couples. Love is love no matter what stage of the relationship you're in. It is such a thoughtful date idea where you then get the photos afterwards to remember the fun day out you both had together! 

Meet Hannah + Tom.


Meet Eden + Sam.


Meet Alexis + Andrew. Below is Alexis' retelling of her successful long distance love story with Andy.


In 2015 I swiped right on a gorgeous Englishman and that was the end of life as I knew it. Both of us were attending universities near St. Louis, Missouri. He had already been living in America for a few years on an athletic scholarship so thankfully he had become somewhat accustomed to the craziness that is American women (but he had never met a Chicagoan before).

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