A little bit about me...

Hello lovelies! My name is Lam D. Peretti and I am a wedding, lifespan, and product photographer.

​I am originally from Vietnam, until my mother relocated us to Virginia, USA when I was 3 years old. I have now followed my mother's footsteps and recently relocated to Wakefield, England in the name of love. 


I moved to England the summer of 2018 to marry the love of my life, whom I  met on my year studying abroad at the University of Leeds in 2014. We then spent 3 years enduring a long distance relationship while I finished up my education back in the states, until we secretly got married, applied for my visa, and the moment it was approved, I packed up my life and to England I went! Wow, that escalated quickly right? When I am not working, I can be found napping, traveling, and indulging in gastronomic delights with my British-Italian husband and our Bichon Frise named Mozzarella (Mozzie for short). 


My love for photography, film and fashion was always there, so I pursued these passions during my degree at Old Dominion University where I received a Bachelors in Fashion and Communication. Until recently, I thought I was more interested in being in front of the camera. It was not until the production of my short film (Thread of Life) during my Masters in Digital Communication, that I realized that I actually  love to be behind the camera as well. Especially, when I get to capture such beautiful moments for others to look back on. Having a wedding of my own and seeing my amazingly talented photographer at work made me really recognize that what she's doing is exactly what I want to be doing, rather than sitting at my boring office job where I can't let my creative juices flow.


So, I would just like to say thank you so much for contributing to my dream to be a fine art photographer and thank you for considering me for the honour of telling your story with my photographs. I can't wait to meet you and hear about your vision for your special moment! 


Photography by Angela Elise Photography